Summerland Point - 3 October 2017

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Photos by Harry

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Lawrie, ready to go

The peaceful scene at Sandy Beach Reserve, Summerland Point

Danny drags his kayak to the water

Carol loves kayaking, and cycling

Let's go!

Malcolm sets his stop-watch

I hope you've got sunblock on your ears, Gloria

George did a creditable 10.2km today

Today's shot of Knut

Daryl2 in his special shirt

Fred at Sandy Beach

Ian sets his alarm

Bob nearly starting

Rodney makes a start

John's a happy chap

Viv in her wave ski

Daryl1 (front elevation)

At last, away from Sandy Beach. Vales Point power station ahead, Mannering Park nearby.

This is as close as you can get to a working power station

Heading towards the eastern end of Chain Valley Bay

Viv and Knut head towards Black Neds Point

Barry in the wilderness

Hopefully Brian didn't find much rubbish for his private collection

Paul in the distance

Paul (up close)

Lawrie (up too close)

And finally, Diane. She rode her bike out past Yarramalong on Sunday, 110km. Legend!

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