Sunshine - 25 July 2017

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Photos by Harry

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Early bird Ian. Already been for a 7km run of course.

Colin got his act together to paddle today

His lovely wife Fred also paddled

Oops, a small collision with a submerged truck.

Steven helps Fred on her way again

Dougie makes sure we are all safe

Sue enjoys the morning too

Trevor and Jill in their tiny canoe

Lawrie's trimaran beats an old cat any day

Friede's mate Steven with some desirable property

Into Sugar Bay

Brian goes to check out a work-in-progress

Somebody somewhere

Danny in Sugar Bay

It only took me about 3 hours to work out how to pronounce the name of this nice yacht

Bobby and George out for a paddle

Friede shows Rolf how to hold his paddle

Paul camped overnight at the boat ramp (not true)

Gra and Jen meditating

Up the creek from Lake Petite

Brian in somebody's back yard

Jolly Robert in the creek

Nice shot of the creek

Linda checks out the culvert

From Glenn - Gail and I with Bill and Chris Johnstone recently travelled o/s. A part of our trip was to paddle amongst ice in front of a glacier. We travelled out from Seward, Alaska by boat to the Ailiak Bay Glacier. We then got into the kayaks and paddled to the glacier amid the flow ice. It was a bright sunny day but it was still very cold as you can tell from the amount of clothing we were wearing.

Glenn and Gail

Chris and Bill

The Oarsome Foursome

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