Swansea - 4 December 2018

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first. John del Z in Lake Macquarie

Nice peaceful shot of George

Bob (too much detail)

Bobby Diane

Bill showing his mussels

Arthur is back after a long break

Dennis pours on the power

Viv reconnoîtres the scene


From 58 photos, this is the only one of Paul

Same with Morrie

Fred checks her droplets

Happy little Moon-man

One of many pix of Daz1

Keith in Buggaboo Creek

Nikki up Gulgabee Creek

Plenty of photos of Ray

Our mate Viv

George again

Darryl #2 in the creek

Only one good photo of Danny, thanks Harry.

Fred and Bobby


Harry gets his ducks all in a row.

Bob's photos now, back at the start - busy beach

Friedemann prepares for his expedition

Nikki made it in without falling over

Little Beach

Harry ready for eagle sightings

Keith and Bill on the big lake

Brian on duty cleaning up the lake

Nice shot of Dennis



Daz1 at the start, before they find out which way to go

Daz2 is so excited!

Keith and Ray in the lovely water


Knut leads the way back out


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