Swansea - 10 October 2017

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Photos by Bob

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Nice rocky start to today's paddle

Beautiful photo of Bendy Tree Point (I made that up)

Action stations!

Lawrie's gone back to his plastic floaties

Robert C in the choppy lagoon

Knut and his mates

Robert and, is that John del Z?

Nice cloudy morning for Bill and Knut

Feathered light fittings

Bob and Ray

Ray and Fred. Where's Merrill?

Nikki hiding in the mangroves

Nice picture of Knut. Do I thank Knut or Robert the snapper?

Brian and Bill rescue a little sit-on

Safely stowed

Lawrie and Paul in the shallows

Paul Allen

Darryl C in a nice venue

A cheery hello from the motorboat captain

Daz and Fred go under the Swansea bridge

And then they come out again

Brian tries out the little kayak, nearly sinking it.

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