Swansea - 13 June 2017

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Photos by Bob

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Laurie's funny little trimaran

Attracts plenty of attention

Knut struggles to get aboard in the choppy water

Not only rough, but cold too

Debbie pushes someone out to sea

Debbie very nearly tipped over herself

Joe's staying in the shallows

Bob looking good

Knut, Joe and Ray paddle past the magroves of the Main Swamp

Ray's inflatable lifejacket has gone off. I think.

Good mates Ray and Bob

Ray paddles off into Smugglers Bay

Joe does a spot of hunting and collecting

Joe in the channel

Debbie cruises down to the bridge

I think Brian found the washing basket

The Control Tower of the International Opening Bridge, where a car recently drove through the fence and into the channel. A very brave lady survived .

A pair of Swansea Sea Eagles

I think that basket is a keeper. Well done Brian, and all your incredible crew.
Some captions may be slightly inaccurate, given I wasn't there on the water.

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