Swansea - 20 September 2016

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Photos by Bob Wark

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Ray is delighted to have his grandkids, Petrel and Diesel, with him today

Lovely venue here at Swansea

Ian is trying to not get his kayak wet

Sorry, Jade and Diesel. Not sure which one is which.

Heading out into the channel

Dennis looks ready for anything

Quite choppy in the breeze!

Flotilla of kayaks on Lake Macquarie

Jade and Diesel paddle well after some tuition

Dennis and graeme near the sand dunes

Friede standing by

Diane loves her kayaking (and cycling)

J & D haven't had so much fun since Xmas

You should be proud Ray! Beautiful children!

On the big sea shining water

Graeme watches the turbulence

Lucky Doug has this spare kayak

A nice location at Swansea

Nikki and Graeme pass old houses and new

Mark and Fred get a surprise

John and Sabina cruise across the channel

Best presented kayaker of the day - Daryl

Andrew, with Fred and Marcus Aurelius

Annie and John float with Daz

Rolf and Bill squeeze in an appearance. Thanks for watching. Thanks for the photos Bob!

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