Wyong River, Tacoma - 13 November 2018

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - Knut supervises a big logistical operation at Tacoma. There is a road between them and the house.

Somebody's got their attention

Bill and his daughter Shannon

Egret is out of here!


Darter base (sorry)



John Stone as in rock

Casuarina monitor (I made that up)

Daz1 looks too big for his kayak, eh?

Bob ploughs ahead


Danny catches the breeze

Paul A

Gorgeous Debbie!

Darter family paying attention

Bob's photos now - Nikki gets sorted

Knut pushes off

Pelican patrol

This must be new Sue Murray

Beautiful Wyong River

Bill and Shannon (side elevation)

Shannon (detail). Lovely, Bill!

Viv on her speedy craft

Elderly gentleman kayaking

Always a lovely smile from Lori B

Darryl, Danny and Lori. See my lifejacket behind Daz's neck?

Lori reflecting beautifully, thanks Bob.

Darryl2 paddling beside Charlton Island. Delightful! The scene I mean.

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