Toukley Kayakers
Tacoma, Wyong River - 15 January 2019

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Photos by Danny, John, Harry and Bob

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Danny's photos first - Heading north from Wyong River

Another beautiful headland

Pushing on against a breeze and chop

Selfie on the water

Bob's photos now - a different Bob and his mate Col

A fisherman joins our peaceful scene

Col again

Lorraine, on holidays



Linda and Paul waiting for Danny to clear the boat ramp

Oops, sorry!

Peter W came back for his second time

Ray and Flip taking it easy

Dean and Flip out on the lake

Bob's girlfriend Lorraine. Nice shot, Bob!

John Flipson

Harry's photos now - Viv and her mates

Oh, Lorraine again!

Dennis, our Front-of-Page.

Bobby Diane and Viv nearly.

Brian launching at the boat ramp

Dougie's photos are not published here.


One of our fotografers, Bobby

Mmmm, nice legs!


Aaah! Linda!

Official pelican flypast

More of Harry's nature photos, a darter.

I think two of these darter chicks are nearly dead.

Oh, thanks, Mum!

This shows real commitment in a mother

Back on the water, Trevor

Barry. I'm getting tired now, over 40 photos!

Yeah, Bob C again. Glad he's getting better.

John Stone's pix now - brave kayakers heading towards the north pole.

Is that Bobby?

Local residents of Wyong River, viz, ducks.

A cascade of colour and excitement

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