Tacoma - 28 June 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - Wild pelican

Interesting display of fish you will never see

Bede was first on the water

Nice photo of Paul Allen

Fried out on his custom-made woodie

Rolf's hat blew off into the water

Brian on his clean-up Wyong River campaign

Dianne never misses anything

Trevor on an excursion

Doug rugged up

Ian is a good sportsman

Bob W took the on-water photos, Harry's are all from the bank

No show without Bob C

John and Annie are such a precision team

Annie regains control

New guy, Nick

Nice kayak

Darryl's very fast kayak, if someone else is paddling it

We're at the right place then!

Love these birds!

Bob's photos now - Brian helps Danny get aboard

Nikki has the best gear

Stephen on his unusual sit-on Barra

This is all we see of Andrew

John's paddle is wrenched from his hands

Dianne cruises up the canal separating Charlton Island from civilisation

Ray dragged himself out of his sick-bed to come with us today

Brian has confiscated some rubbish

Nice scene upstream of the Wyong Bridge

Not much room under here, Daz!

More Darryl

Peaceful creeky scene

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