The Entrance - 28 March 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Setting off from Picnic Point

Beautiful The Entrance

Brian's ready for all the crap

Knut loves this lagoon

Mike and Bronny say Hi!

Dean circumcises the lagoon

Darryl with his beautiful Norfolk Pines

Bob was there too

Judy and Andy negotiate the sandbars

What are you saying, Debbie? Don't take a photo with my hair all wet!

Friedeman in his special sit-on

Sabina and John

Keith sans chapeau

Bob heads for the ocean

Bob's photos now - Pre-race briefing at Picnic Point

Barry, Andy and Judy. Saw you in the paper guys!

G'day, Nikki!

It's hard to get your bloody feet in these things!

Alan and Sandra. She can't see anything all day!

Ray and Bonzo in the main lake.

Looks like Lismore, but only T/E

Funny-looking vessel that one!

Sandy et Al undernavigate the bridge.

Sabina and John plan their next move.

You've got that lovely windswept look, Deb!

Darryl shows how the water is choppy

John and Sabina ignore Bronny's calls for help

Keith, avec chapeau this time, awaits further orders

John has run aground

Fried slides through the drink

Two Darryls in calm seas

Dean and the other guys plough through the lake

J & S near Pelican Island

Our best and only wildlife shot today, birds in trees.

Whatsisface says Cheers!

Harry and Barry make it back to PP

Thanks Arthur for all you beautiful photographs, and you too, Bob.

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