Kayak skills Training Day - 28 January 2016

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Photos by Gloria

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Kayak Skills Training Day

Last Thursday 28 January 2016, 14 of us attended a Kayak Skills Training Course presented by Owen Walton. Owen holds the AC ‘Sea Skills Award’ and has had many years of ocean and flat water paddling and he has instructed many paddlers/groups in basic flat water skills and rescues.

The training initially took place under the picnic shelter at Dobell Park, Wangi Wangi and we were determined to make the best of the weather conditions (it was raining heavily). Owen began with a talk on the various paddles available and the advantages and disadvantages of types leading fluently into efficient paddle strokes and how best to avoid strain and injury while paddling. During the day he covered kayak safety preparation, which included a range of equipment to help keep a paddler safe, including PDFs, accessories and ways in which they should be worn.

All too soon it was time to get the kayaks into the water and practise some of the points we had been shown including an assisted rescue. (The weather had improved and was clearing from rain.) This involved having some of us ‘fall’ out of their kayak and be rescued. Fortunately Keith volunteered and in no time was in the water. Owen’s rescue technique was swift, easy and with no fuss and easily accomplished, however, we should point out the water was flat, no wind and no waves. Knut was the next volunteer and photos of his ‘rescue’ are attached. Later Gloria ‘rescued’ Debbie and found it relatively easy to get her back into the kayak proving (I think) that even less stronger, lighter people are able to effect this rescue.

It is fair to say that everyone got something out of this training day it and it was a confidence-building exercise for some and introduced others to some before untried practical skills.

Owen said that he is willing to repeat this training again for Toukley Kayakers, so if you are interested in taking part, please contact Gloria Squires 0477936239 and another date can be organised with a provisional date of late Feb to early March. There is a limit on how many can attend so if you want to take part please let Gloria know asap.

Gloria Squires/Knut Hooge

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Knut goes A/T (technical term)

Knut embraces Owen's kayak (pretty sure that will be Owen)

Helpers are warned to stand clear

Owen drags Knut's kayak alongside

Looks like hard work!

That looks more like it. Nikki stands by.

The next critical step, Knut gets his outside leg inside

Nikki's having kittens

Knut keeps rotating on his axis while Owen holds everything together

Other leg in!

Nearly there, Knut!

Woo Hoo!

Thanks, mate!

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