Vales Point, Mannering Park - 3 July 2018

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Photos by Harry, Bob and Danny

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Danny's pic - The Enchanted Lake

Harry's photos - Dennis

John P






Think of a caption for this pic!

Bob gets a shot of Danny stuck on a sunken branch

John Flipson

Scene of creek

Ian in the Enchanted Forest

Bob heading back to Vales Point

Friede slides through

Bob's photos now - Launch venue

Nice shot, thank you, Bob!

Dennis parked


Friede next to a desirable residence

Ian (Moonie)

Friede and his mate Steve

Going under the conveyor. Saw a car go across, on rails by the sound of it.

Scintillating scene on the lake

Ray, Steve and Rolf on the magic lake

So peaceful!

Back to Danny stuck on a log

Friede, Rolf and Steve. Rolf is trying out a sit-on like Steve's

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