San Remo, Wallarah Creek - 22 May 2018

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Photos by Danny, Harry and Bob

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Danny's photos first - Nikki and Trevor up some little creek

Nice scenery up Spring Creek

Harry's pictures now - Linda

Dean gets his craft in the water next to Flip (John)

Trevor, side elevation

Flip going under the arches

Notice Brian's bin is already full.

Jill goes through the Royal Wedding Arches

Keith V

George paddled from Buff Point, then went straight home.

This is how NOT to go under a log. A few people came up here last Saturday, and the water was much higher and we couldn't get under this log.

Doug and Ray


Great shot of Viv



Bob's photos now - Launch venue at San Remo, Brudenell avenue

Nice pic of Knut


And his lovely wife, Jill.


Lorraine takes her chances under a badly listing tree

Her hubbie, Peter

Diane going under the log.

Diane heading further upstream


Bit of a logjam, with Fred (obscured) and Keith A

Lorraine close up

This is how Harry gets his great nature shots - sitting and waiting.

John Phillips known as Flip. It's on his hull in red.

Rolf just gets his boofhead under the log

Peter tries another trick

Yeah! Why not!

Darter, or 'snake neck'.

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