Wangi Wangi - 2 October 2018

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Photos by Dianne, Bob and Danny

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Dianne's photo first - George in Myuna Bay

Danny's photo next - Launch venue at Wangi Beach

Bob's photos now - Wangi Beach

Looking the other way

Di and George head off towards Myuna Bay in the west

Darryl, Viv and Knut set sail

Brian is set to go

Fred, Ray and Doug make their only appearance on this page

This pic of Darryl C (Daz2) took my breath away!

Daz paddling along the south side of the Island of Pulbar

Viv and Knut inspect Muffin Rock


Knut points out something interesting, Viv isn't paying attention, while Danny makes his escape

Viv and Knut

The rugged south coast of Pulbar

Another stunning shot, Bob!

Danny in heaven

Darryl on the north side of Pulbar. Quite different from the bleak south shore.

Brian is desperate to find some rubbish to collect

One bit of flotsam and Brian's work is done here.

Daz and Dan head back to the mainland

Danny does some deep-water kayaking

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