Toukley Kayakers
Wangi - 9 January 2018

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Photos by Danny and Bob

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Danny's phone pix first - gathered on the windy south side

Brave volunteers, Doug, Bob, Nikki, Ray and Darryl M

Nice scene along the peninsular

Another one

Bob's photos now - still Danny




Nice little tub

Rolf on his V8 surf-ski

Danny and Paul check out funny tri-maran

Danny actually paddling

Two Dazzas

We found this flotilla of mainly kids, sponsored by the Council

They managed the weather better than we did, back safe by the time the wind changed later.

I love these scenes, thanks Bob.

This might be Wangi Point

Nikki was usually out the front

Kookaburra Cove

Paul in the wilderness

Rounding the marker at Wangi Point, before returning into the wind

Nikki and Danny not co-ordinating

Yes, it's all fun till the headwind hits! Darryl enjoys it while he can.
No more pix as the water was too rough to paddle and take photos.

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