Woy Woy - 12 June 2018

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Photos by Danny, Bob and John Paterson

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Danny's pictures first - The launch venue, Brick Wharf Road, Woy Woy

Woy Woy Bay

Brisbane Water National Park

Beautiful kayaking venue

Bob's photos - Woy Woy channel

Picturesque location

This week's nature shot from Bob

Three blokes called John


John L'Est

Moonie Moonie

Ian photographs the Davistown Ferry

An excellent photo of Deano

Ray was late and snuck into the paddle

Hard to recognise, but it's Keith A

Rolf and Dean

Danny with a different jacket to every other time, due to the cold

John Paterson up near the waterfall

Smiling Brian collected a huge bag of the most disgusting rubbish today - broken glass, yukky stuff... Amazing bloke!

Three jolly mates paddling together

Viv in one of the best pictures of the day

Keith Val looking for eagles

This could only be Woy Woy

John's excellent study of the greater crested darter

The disappointing waterfall. Nice try John.

Woy Woy Bay by Pato.

Some pictures from February 2012, showing what the falls are capable of doing. Rolf and Peter.

Carol and Peter

Somebody using Bob's camera

Can't believe it!

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