Wyong River - 6 March 2018

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Photos by Harry, Danny and Bob

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Danny's pix - Bob and Nikki at Tacoma in a Strong Breeze

Much nicer conditions firther upstream

Beautiful scene at The Old Milk Factory

Harry's photos next - Friede getting sorted

Just the three of us to launch Danny's kayak

Lucas looking good

Trevor goes under the tree at Porters Creek

Danny ducks under

Bob takes a risk hanging on to the furniture (you can't be in two places at once, so if your kayak drifts away while you're still hanging on to wood, you're wet).

Bob's happy. His PSA is 0.01!

End of the road in Porters Creek, time to turn around

Jill and Trevor get free

Danny and Ray turn like aircraft carriers

Keith heading back to the big river

Bob's got the whole of Porters Creek to himself

Arthur is enjoying himself

This is Paul A

Bob's pix now - Ray and Dean

Bob's still happy

Queueing up to enter Porters Creek

Harry checks out the quality of the timber. Must bring my chainsaw.

Danny up the well-known creek

Back up, Trev!

A bit squeezy at the top of the creek

Keith has extra water bottles

Be vewy careful, Way!

Rolf and Friede keep their distance

Paul enjoys the sunshine

Very nice photo of Trevor and Jill

Keith hangs on

Danny paddles down the fish ladder. Ask me how!

Ray presents the beautiful Wyong River

Paddling downstream after a big adventure

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