Wyong River - 28 November 2017

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Photos by Danny and Bob

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Danny's photos first - Wyong River near Porters Creek

The weir and the Old Milk Factory, Wyong River

Manhandling the kayaks up the slipway

As far as you can go up Porters Creek, 500 meters upstream.

Bob's photos now - the launch venue near the railway bridge


Nikki paddling and Brian watching

Bob C

Graeme with Harry, who forgot his camera

Keith and Ian

Viv's back from NZ

Harry decorated in jacaranda

Rolf, our champion paddler, from Buff Point to the top of Wyong River return (48km?)

Diane coming past the Dalek

George has probably never been up here.

Ray and Merrill. Never seen her not smiling before.

Photos of Harry, but none of Bob

Brian followed closely by Woodsie

Scene at the top of the weir

Friede paddling into the distance

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