Wyong River, Tacoma - 31 January 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Joe and Di wait their turn to launch

Col, Bronwyn, Fred, Danny and Andy relax before the start

Harry, so these must be Bob's photos!

Harry gets out of the way

Michael, who abandons ship mid-river for a swim, and has a sail for the return downwind.

His son Tom, in an old canoe, in which he sometimes kneeled.

Wife and mother of the previous two, Bronwyn

Di and Margie enjoying Marg's return

Judy and Andy caught by surprise

The three (insert description like stooges or musketeers) on their way upstream

John Stone. John, have you lost weight?

Di and Joe

Rolf going up the channel by Charlton Island


John del Z up at the railway bridge

Margie made it to the bridge too, well done!

Lawrie's pretty happy to reach the bridge, too

Fred on some nice part of the river

Drum roll for Keith!

Kayakers from the Toukley group squeeze in beside Charlton Is.

Looks like John and Joe in a nice place.

Dean paddles up the canal

Harry's photos now - Launch Venue

Ray should be with his grandkids on their first day at school

Greg's enjoying himself today

Pelicans on their boat

Two fluffy darters, thanks Harry!

Some nice places along this river. Some shockers, too!

Joe and John in the same spot as Di.

Toukley kayakers paddle out of the channel

The Hanging Tree

Brian distributing rubbish along the shore

Greg again

Thanks Dean

Charlton Channel. Nice, isn't it?

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