Morisset - 9 August 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Bob's photos first - Launch scene at Lake Macquarie, Morisset

Nikki's there, to her surprise

Doug psyches himself up, while Knut goes exploring

Harry, with Wyee Point in the background

Bob pushes off, while Danny drags his hapless kayak over the rocks

Judy and Andy get started. Need a hat update, Andy!

First time paddling with us, Tom, welcome!

Bob's wildlife shot of a darter

Daryl showing off the perfect conditions

Knut in a familiar shot

Bill up the creek

Diane enjoying the sun


Harry's photos now, with Bob in the viewfinder

Bob's always smiling

Bede gets his Hobie sorted

This is the middle of winter, Fried!

Sea of Tranquility

Andrew carves the water up

Knut and the bush

Hey, Bill!

Daryl again

Tom cruises up the creek

Is that Nikki again?

Doug checks out the situation

Danny approaches the end of Cobra Creek

Danny powers over the shallow log

Harry's wildlife shots. A kangaroo!

Isn't that so cute!

Big man 'roo

Mum 'roo and joey

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