Patonga - 11 April 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Eagles nest, been here for ages.

Ray's grandson (school holidays remember), Tahj

Ray's other grandson Tyler

A nice photo of Margaret

Brian was the first to arrive. Danny was the second, both before 0800.

Keith was the last to arrive, 8.50. Typical!

Nice rock


Tyler ploughing through the rapids

An eagle

Another different eagle

Their mother

Malcolm's 3rd time with us.

Tyler about to launch

His grandpop, Ray

The other one

Mal again

Bob and Lorraine

Bob's pix now - Another nice pic of Marg. Very photogenic!

Another good-looking paddler, Danny

Tahj and his Dad, Alan. There are 5 beautiful kids and a lovely wife Renée too.


One Tree Hill

Loz and her mates

Lorraine in the scrub


Danny starts the trip back

John DZ looking like a tourist

The only shot of Andrew K, back view

Deep in the bush

One of many sandstone rocks in the Brisbane Water National Park

A beautiful tree, of which there are many here

All the ingredients for a nice paddle - water, bush, sky, kayaks

Some delicious vegetation

A monument tree

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